The philanthropic environment has always been fiercely competitive. Donors are faced with choosing not between the good and the bad, but between the good and the good. Now COVID-19 has intensified everything. Fundraising responsibilities can no longer be delegated only to staff members and supported by a few brave board members. Non-profits don’t have a staff position, board member or other stakeholder to waste. But men and women who are passionate about their favorite non-profits and causes can be trained to be effective fundraisers. Even in a volatile economy, more than $1 billion a day will be donated to non-profits that are committed to telling their stories, building relationships, and asking for the support they need and deserve. So, you don’t want to miss out on vital funding opportunities.



Most people are afraid of asking for gifts, even for organizations they care deeply about. Fear of the unknown holds them back, and that’s perfectly normal. Eskin Fundraising Training, LLC demystifies the art and science of fundraising and empowers professional and volunteer non-profit advocates to play productive roles in the discovery, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of donor prospects. Our training helps organizations develop resources to more robustly champion their missions.




Learning Community An essential ingredient in our success is recognizing that everyone has wisdom, experience, and a perspective worth listening to. We can and should learn from one another. This starts with openly sharing fears and anxieties about asking for money and getting to the root causes. We overcome those fears together. We are proud to feature prominent and highly respected philanthropists, industry practitioners and other experts who stimulate lively discussion and question-and-answer sessions. In this environment, everyone participates, shares their best thinking, and enriches the dialogue.