Empowering Non-Profit Boards for Resource Development Success

This interactive program helps non-profit board members, volunteers and senior staff overcome their fear of fundraising. They will be taught how to acquire the mindset and tools to implement a fundraising strategy and take immediate steps that will result in rich relationships and gifts. Group training includes:

  • A customized PowerPoint slide deck and Study Guide
  • Role-playing exercises for practicing “asks”
  • An exit report summarizing prospects identified by participants and practical suggestions for improving
    development operations
  • Optional: One-on-one meetings with board and staff to plan prospect outreach


  • Ask for a gift without fear, anxiety or hesitation
  • Deliver a two-minute informative pitch for funding priorities
  • Identify top prospects within professional, personal and civic networks
  • Shape cultivation plans that will create personal and emotional bonds with donor prospects
  • Plan stewardship activities that inspire donors to give again and give more


Reaching & Presenting Your Case to Donors

Non-profits must meet the growing challenge of communicating clearly and effectively with donors and prospects, especially during campaigns and fundraising for special projects. We help you customize straightforward, compelling messages that will resonate with your donors and prospects and explain why they should give to you.

We will start crafting your message by meeting one-on-one with key members of your board and staff. You’ll clarify responsibilities for approval, and deadlines for delivering finished products. At a joint follow up meeting with stakeholders, we’ll review, collate, and finalize the content using plain language that assures the orderly and clear presentation of key points.

You will be able to use these products in proposals, appeals, print pieces, digital messaging, and other communications with donors and prospects. They can and should be at the heart of your fundraising strategy and guide major gift solicitations made face-to-face.


Preparing Staff and Volunteers for Successful Solicitations

When it comes to major gift solicitations, you can’t afford to leave things to chance. You need to anticipate what prospects might say, do and think. No one can guarantee a favorable outcome. But we can help you acquire the right knowledge, tools and confidence to make the very best solicitation possible. We can teach you how to:

  • Gather essential prospect information and background
  • Determine the who, when, where, and how much of asking
  • Create a script for making the ask and ensuring that time is managed with precision
  • Rehearse the ask and prepare for likely questions and roadblocks through role-playing
  • Develop a strong closing and leave behind the best possible collateral material