Eskin Fundraising Training, LLC delivers a wide range of timely programs and content to replace your fear of asking for gifts with comfort and confidence. Each of the following is the topic of a 60-minute interactive webinar. Through video-conferencing platforms we can lead sessions for groups of virtually any size.

10 Simple Fundraising Lessons:

This is our popular introductory course providing an easy to understand framework to start your journey, especially valuable to those new to fundraising.

10 Simple Fundraising Lessons (Virtual Version)

This program highlights how in-person interactions can be replaced by technology, allowing you to continue to fundraise in a COVID-19 social distancing world.

Prospect Identification

The Six Degrees of Separation reminds us that everyone on the planet is separated by no more than six personal relationships. We work closely with an organization’s leaders to identify who they can introduce to their non-profit from personal, business and civic networks. Our CIA System (C=Capacity, I=Inclination, A=Access) expedites your work.

Elevator Speeches

In today’s instant communication setting, your first and lasting impression must be delivered in about one minute. We help you perfect that minute to fit your story and mission.

Prospect Cultivation

This is the crucial phase of forging a personal and emotional bond between the donor prospect and the mission of your organization. We develop cultivation plans to position prospects to make positive responses when asked,

Role-Playing the Ask

Winging it begs failure. There is no substitute for rehearsing how precisely precious time with donor prospects will be spent, whether it is in person, or virtually.

Donor Stewardship

Thanking and acknowledging gifts is both the right and smart thing to do. You want to be in a strong position to return to the donor next year and ask them to continue their support, or better yet, increase the amount of their gift.

Fundraising Infrastructure

This examines the status of underlying systems, policies and practices for retaining donor information, effectively communicating, and ensuring smooth and prompt stewardship of gifts.


We offer customized one-on-one time with CEOs, Executive Directors, Directors of Development, Board Chairs and other leaders to help them prepare for major gift asks and discuss solutions to untangling snags in your fundraising program.

Contact us to share your priorities, challenges, needs and budget, and we will prepare a proposal for your review and discuss the next steps.